September Wrap-up

30 09 2009

This is a post that indicates the stats of this blog. On the first month of the blog operation (August), there were 85 views.

The analysis for this month (Septermber2009)

There were 165 views on this month. There is an increase in the number of views between August and September. The percentages of increase is +28.46%. That means this is the busiest month in the record.

Weekly analysis.

On the first week of September, we have 10 views. The second week of September, we have 12 views and the percentages of increase was +20.00%. The number of views keeps increasing on the third week that was 62 views and the percentages of increase was +416.67%! But suddenly, on the third week the number of views dropped to 45. The percentages of drop were 28.89%. Lastly, our reader shows their encourage by giving 58 views on the last week of this month. The percentages of increase are 129.31%. For your information, September 26 is the busiest day in our record that was 45 views per day.

Just for your information:

1. Today (30 September) is excluded from the averages because it’s not over yet.

2. We don’t count our own visits.